1. Why Most Startups Fail at Acquiring New Customers (and how you can ... →

    Good presentation on unit economics, specifically CAC & LTV.

  2. Real motivation: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

  3. Finance 1: Cash and Growth →

    Short video that serves as a basic entrepreneurial finance primer, worth the 4 mins.

  4. Negotiating Your Startup Job Offer - Robby Grossman →

    Good article on an important & much discussed topic

  5. From E-Commerce to `M-Commerce': Video →

    Bloomberg earlier this afternoon - mcommerce & geofencing (no, it’s not creepy)

  6. Netflix & Culture. Good question to ask.

    "Of course, this strategy can have its downsides. People panic easily over numbers, but McCord holds that the right people will stick with you, especially if you’re straight with them about the situation. How to find these people? “Ask them in the interview, what’s the riskiest thing they’ve ever done? What’s the scariest thing they’ve ever done? Ask them personally and you’ll get a better answer.”

    Read more: http://firstround.com/article/The-woman-behind-the-Netflix-Culture-doc#.Uc3Cseh1iLo.twitter#ixzz2XXkUYvoS

    My knee-jerk answer to that one would be my decision to drop out of medical school, tell everyone after the fact (stupid), and then just figure out the rest later.

  7. Are Smartphones the Tool to Connect the World?: Video →

    Monday morning @bloomberg fun — talking connected devices & news innovation.

  8. 10 Tech Concepts Everyone Should Know


    If you work in the tech industry then your daily conversations are littered with tech terms. You’ll probably have at least a vague idea of what these mean, but if you’re not in a technical role it’s sometimes hard to put these concepts and buzzwords in precise context.

    In this post I’ll briefly explain ten basic terms that engineers use every day. Whatever your role in the tech industry, you’ll benefit from knowing exactly what these mean.

    Brevity will require me to leave many important details out. If you’d like me to elaborate further, or if there are other concepts you’d like explained, let me know! I’ll be happy to write another post in this vein in the future.

    Read More

  9. Most of Team @Greycroftvc @ InSITE’s Bowlmor event earlier this week. Congrats to @sigalow on the high event score! cc @longtail_video

    Most of Team @Greycroftvc @ InSITE’s Bowlmor event earlier this week. Congrats to @sigalow on the high event score! cc @longtail_video

  10. Haven’t studied finance or business and are working on a startup? This video is certainly worth 44 minutes of your time.